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Our Program


To set an example of dedication and excellence in the South Carolina communities it serves
1. To provide a positive community growth activity for youths in a safe, goal-oriented, challenging environment
2. To provide a fundamental basketball association and outlet for youths through guidance, coaching, mentoring and professional affiliation
3. To develop the careers of the finest basketball talents in South Carolina
To provide a solid player development path to the High School, Collegiate and professional level, including the NBA and overseas venues
4. To promote good-will, and sportsmanship and to enhance, foster and contribute to a positive reputation for the sport of basketball through proper guidance and leadership while maintaining the highest standards of excellence in academia and community involvement.

Our goal is to promote the physical, mental, and moral development of student – athletes by providing channels for the individual student to receive instruction in athletics, entrepreneurship and life skills.


The Program was designed in response to the glaring inequities in educational opportunities available to rural South Carolina students. Youth from South Carolina’s poor and under-served communities face limited educational opportunities and often hold little hope for their futures.

  • This situation is further exacerbated for young athletes from these communities who grow up in an environment of exploitation that:
    Undermines their academic, emotional, and personal development and
    Limits their sense of possibilities beyond sports (pro sports or bust)