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Parent Advisory Council (PAC)

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Attend monthly meetings
Schedule meetings and plan special events for the year

Review program operations based on Parent & Program Evaluations.

The PAC Chair and/or their designee may contact parents Information regarding this organization to be put into New Parent Information Packets.•

Set-up recruitment tables at events such as volunteer and community service fairs.

Be an advocate for current and new parents joining the program.

Organize and develop fundraising programs. Purchase new educational materials and sports equipment depending on needs of the center.

Serve as a channel for relaying parent suggestions.

Review and suggest improvements to program materials such as the parent handbooks and brochures. Review will be done in July each year.

Collaboration that counts

Help develop additional community service partnerships for the children and families.
Assist in the development of surveys and the interpretation of their results.
Organize special events for the organization, such as Family Day, Parent Educational Workshops and Parents Night Out.
Help market the organization through the Website, personal contacts, flyers and media.
Review program policies.
Recognize staff through special recognition and appreciation.

Parent(s) of a child enrolled in an XPRESS GRASSROOTS SPORTS

Program Director and or Staff Members